Local Bargaining Updates


Check back often to see updates from your Local Bargaining Committee. Any important updates will be delivered to all members through automated call or text message. If you'd like to make sure we have the correct cell phone number to send you text/call updates please click here.

UPDATE 9/12/2022 10:32 AM

Update on applying for your strike benefits. There are three days to complete the sign up of benefits. Today Monday 12th - Wed 14th. You will do this at our local hall from the times of 10AM - 6PM on those three days. To avoid severe congestion please go to the day that corresponds with your last name:

MON 10-6 PM last names A-K
TUE 10-6 PM last names L-Z
WED 10-6 PM For Members that couldn't make MON or TUE

ACTIVE ROLL ONLY bring the following to sign up for strike benefits:

  • Know your social security number
  • State issued ID
  • and the birthdates of your dependents

Members only unless you need assistance with paperwork

UPDATE 9/11/2022 11:16 PM
UAW Local 1166 local tentative agreement with KCP

UPDATE 9/10/2022 7:45 AM

Letter from our Local Bargaining Committee

- UPDATE 9/10/2022 12:00 AM

UAW LOCAL 1166 contract has ran out, and we are currently on STRIKE

  • Make sure you are aware of your picket duty, call your gate captain or check at the Hall (765) 459-4119 if needed
  • No one from any other Stellantis plant can picket on the line (685 & 1302). Even if they're there on their own time. This is considered work stoppage, and is a fireable offense.
  • Make sure you have your gate leader sign your picket card. This is what you turn in to recieve your strike pay. Strike pay is $400.
  • Very important - do not communicate with the media. Just say, "no comment." Refer them to our Local 1166 President Dave Willis, or the communications committee.
  • ABSOLUTELY NO stopping vehicles from crossing over. We will have fire watch, SBM, and engineers that are required to report. They will have a special badge they can display.
  • No alcohol on the picket lines.
  • Make sure you're out there representing UAW Local 1166 the right way! Expect the media to be present with cameras (parking lot, media, surveilliance, cell phone.)
  • Parking will be tricky at times. Make sure to cross the roads safely. There will be parking available at Button Motors, and UAW Local 685's hall.
  • As I recieve updates I will post them ASAP, so check back often

Automated calls will come from our Union Hall number, mass text updates will come from a "765-253-XXXX" number. If you DID NOT receive the automated call announcing the strike, or you want to add your cell phone number, then please add your number to the list here. I will only add the number to our list if you're a current member, so please add your first and last name.

- UPDATE 9/9/2022 11:41 AM 
Update from UAW Local 1166 Bargaining Committee